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Great coffee always starts at origin. Kahvi Charlotta believe the hard work and dedication of every producer we work with must be acknowledged, their stories told and premium prices paid for specialty-grade coffees.


We strive to buy according to global harvests, allowing us to get the freshest possible green coffees from around the world, delivered to our roastery in Rekola, where unique roasting profiles, tailored to capture the best possible flavours within each bean, ensure a uniform, quality result and the freshest coffee for you.



Kahvi Charlotta originated many years ago with the dream of starting own coffee shop. The vision was to have a living room where you can come before, during or after the workday to hang out with friends, read the newspaper of the day, listen to good music, and talk to the baristas.

Kahvi Charlotta was founded by Victoria Nuottanen, who has been in the coffee industry for over 19 years. 



The origin of coffee and the position of farmers in the market is important to us and we want to be involved in supporting their expertise and buying only from partners who help farmers develop their operations. We want to bring customers as much information as possible about our products and their features.


Kahvi Charlotta's principles and values ​​include being honest and genuine with its customers and partners.

In addition, we support young people to get engaged in working life and help them to learn how to work in the café industry. For us, at Kahvi Charlotta, everyone is part of the family, where employees and customers enjoy belonging to.


Our products are made from the freshest and highest quality raw materials as possible, respecting the tradition of handicrafts.


We recycle as widely as possible e.g. in addition to mixed waste, biowaste, metal waste, and packaging materials. We use BIO take away cups and changing coffee bean bags in to CO2 bags. We try to recycle as much as possible and we ever re use rawcoffee probags as a garbage bags.


We use only 100% ecologically produced water electricity in our cafe in Helsinki.

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