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Colombia Edgard Ramirez

Grape, Cola, Nougat


Farm: Finca El Jardin

Region: Aceivedo, Huila

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1300m

Variety: Colombia

Roasting profile: Medium Light


Edgard Ramírez is a busy man having to split his time between farming 20 hectares of coffee and raising 13 children with his wife, Fanny. The farm, El Jardín, laying at 1350 masl near Acevedo in southern Huila, is host to Caturra, Castillo, Tabi, Bourbon and Geisha coffee trees, alongside plantain, peach and lemon trees. As he harvests and drys the different varieties separately, we have bought a Castillo lot after it really stood out for us at a cupping in Helsinki back in October.

Picking only ripe cherries, Edgard first stores the cherries in plastic bags for 24 hours before de-pulping into a tank for a further 24 hours dry fermentation. This lot was then washed, but only briefly, to allow some of the mucilage to remain on the parchment before going to dry.

Raising 13 children does have its benefits as Edgard and Fanny now have help from the older children on the farm. The passion runs through the family as one of the children is Huila’s youngest cupper and has gained recognition in regional cupping competitions in recent times. This can only bode well for Edgard’s farm as being able to taste your own coffee properly is hugely important in the quest for better quality.

We wish you enjoy this coffee and hope we get the chance to meet Edgard and his family one day.

Colombia Edgard Ramirez

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