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About us

The soul of the coffee roaster consists of cooperation with small farmers. We buy raw coffee directly from farmers or as directly as possible without unnecessary middlemen. In this way, we aim to secure compensation for farmers for their work. We pay for coffee well above the FairTrade price level.



Roaster: Victoria 0401477501


Roasting coffee is an honor for us. Our roastery is located in Rekola, Vantaa, in the additional wing of the historic Pihkala house. We roast coffees only based on order so we can guarantee fresh coffee to our customers.


We work with cafes, restaurants, and bakeries. We will roast fresh coffee beans to order according to your wishes.



Responsible fresh roasted small-scale coffee to your workplace?


Provide staff, customers, and guests with an excellent cup of coffee that is sure to create a positive vibe.



New options to the store shelves?

Ready grounded coffees bring an extra look to the shelf. Responsibly produced, high-quality fresh roasting and traceability of origin are important and current wishes from customers.

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