Having become friends with Grace Morales’ brother Galo on past buying trips to Ecuador, it is no surprise given Galo’s dedication to delicious coffee that this coffee from Finca Cruz Loma, the family farm run by Grace, is absolutely fantastic.

Located near San José de Minas in the northern province of Pichincha, the farm is surrounded by virgin jungle, home to a multitude of native flora and fauna. Coffee is not the only thing grown at Cruz Loma. A total of 350 hectares, coffee is only planted on 5 hectares, with the farm also producing many other fruits and vegetables for sale and export.

50 years ago, there were no streets or roads to the farm. People could only access the area by foot or on horse. Two routes, that still exist today, intersect the summit and in doing so formed a cross which can be seen from far away, giving Grace’s grandfather inspiration for the farm name. Even when Grace’s father took over there were still no suitable roads for transporting heavy goods. Wanted to mechanise various processes on the land, he had no way to transport machines of the size he required. Studying mechanics, he had the machinery brought up in small pieces, building them together again on the farm. Because of this dedication, Cruz Loma was the first farm in the region to have some mechanised processes.

This coffee, a mix of the Typica and Sidra varieties, has been dry fermented for 24 hours after de-pulping before being fully washed. It is then dried on covered, raised patios for 12-15 days to reach the optimal moisture content. Having only planted coffee trees just over three years ago, it is an honour to be able to bring their first proper harvest to Finland. We hope you enjoy this delicious coffee and we look forward to finally meeting Grace one day.

Farm: Cruz Loma
Region: San José de Minas, Pichincha
Country: Ecuador
Altitude: 1450m
Harvest: May - September 2020
Process: Fully washed with a dry fermentation for 24 hours
Varieties: Typica & Sidra


Ecuador Grace Morales

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