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Colombia Delfin Carvajal

Blackberry, Melon, Cherry


Farm: Finca El Corazon

Region: Garzón, Huila

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1500m

Harvest: 2022

Variety: Caturra, Castillo

Roasting profile: Light


Delfin Carvajal is an ambitious and talented man who runs Finca El Corozal. Driven by his curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit, Delfin shows us his remarkable talent. He took part in the 2020 Huila Mágico Competition which we ran in Colombia and got ranked in the Top 10.


Finca El Corozal is located in Garzón, Huila and sits at an altitude of 1500 m.a.s.l., where De