Kahvi Charlotta and its origins
The background of the name Kahvi Charlotta 

Kahvi Charlotta originated many years ago with the dream of starting own coffee shop. The vision was to have a living room where you can come before, during or after the workday to hang out with friends, read the newspaper of the day, listen to good music, and talk to the baristas.

Kahvi Charlotta was founded by Victoria Nuottanen, who has been in the coffee industry for over 13 years. Victoria has got her education in Norway, where she worked intensively in the coffee industry for almost 4 years and competing for the Barista of the Year award for several years. For the past 10 years, she has been involved in developing Finnish coffee culture and has been a National Coordinator at SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of the Europe Finnish Chapter ry), taking the coffee industry to the next level. Victoria has organized and been responsible for numerous Finnish championships and has been the liaison for coffee organizations around the world.

Gastronomy, crafts, and animals, in particular, are close to the heart of the founder Victoria, which is also strongly visible in Kahvi Charlotta. Kahvi Charlotta welcomes kind and calm dogs to join with the owner to have a cup of coffee.


Elena Kiannu (http://www.elenael.fi/) is behind the magnificent artwork of Kahvi Charlotta. She has painted, for example, wonderful coffee bean paintings on the wall of Rekola Roastery, among other numerous paintings for Kamppi and of course our lovely coffee bean labels.


Customers are particularly important at Kahvi Charlotta. All of our products are handcrafted from the very beginning with high-quality raw materials, respecting the origin of the product and presenting the product's background to the end consumer.

Kahvi Charlotta is a coffee shop is specialized in the sale of speciality coffees. Freshness is really important to us. Kahvi Charlotta makes fresh bread and baguettes for customers every day. Bread and baguettes are prepared in our own kitchen.

In this way, we ensure freshness and quality to our customers. Pastries and sweets come to us every morning fresh from our own bakery.

The café is named after the lovely Charlotte Russe cake. The history of Charlotte Russe cake goes far back to France. Charlotte Russe cake was first introduced by French chef Marie-Antoine Carême (1784-1833), who named it after her employer's King of England George IV only daughter, Princess Charlotte, and her next employer, Russian Tsar Alexander I, Russe meaning Russian in French.


Specially designed for us, the Charlotta Pastry delights many. The soft rum tiramisu mousse and ganache heart are finger-licking good. Kahvi Charlotta has gotten its name from this lovely cake.


Our mission is to be involved in creating a better coffee culture, and to create enjoyment for our customer and experience for all senses!


Involved in supporting and developing Finnish coffee culture

Our goal is to be strongly involved in the development of Finnish coffee culture. With the support of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe Finnish Chapter Ry, also known as SCAE ry, we are able to be involved in all events in the coffee industry and at the same time influence the development of the coffee industry. The association organizes various coffee competitions, trainings and other events. Kahvi Charlotta provides financial support to the association and encourages its employees to volunteer.



Values and principles

The origin of coffee and the position of farmers in the market is important to us and we want to be involved in supporting their expertise and buying only from partners who help farmers develop their operations. We want to bring customers as much information as possible about our products and their features.


Kahvi Charlotta's principles and values ​​include being honest and genuine with its customers and partners.

In addition, we support young people to get engaged in working life and help them to learn how to work in the café industry. For us, at Kahvi Charlotta, everyone is part of the family, where employees and customers enjoy belonging to.


Our products are made from the freshest and highest quality raw materials as possible, respecting the tradition of handicrafts.


We recycle as widely as possible e.g. in addition to mixed waste, biowaste, metal waste, and packaging materials.


We use only 100% ecologically produced water electricity.

Working at Kahvi Charlotta

It is important for us to create new jobs and train new baristas in the coffee industry, working closely with Finnish cafés and roasters. We also want to be involved in society, e.g. helping to employ unemployed jobseekers and young people.


Kahvi Charlotta values and encourages staff to learn and educate themselves. Kahvi Charlotta organizes internal trainings and encourages staff to participate in the Finnish Coffee Championships. Kahvi Charlotta wants to be involved in the development of young people's lives and be prepared for the future. Every employee is important to us. By valuing our staff and giving them the right keys to success at work, we are at the same time able to guarantee that our customers receive professional and quality service.


Kahvi Charlotta respects the work-life balance of the staff. The aim is to work shifts according to the wishes of the employees. The relationship between Kahvi Charlotta and the employee is based on mutual respect and trust.





Member of SCAE - Specialty Coffee Association of Europe Finnish Chapter Association since 2014. Our coffee educator Charlotte Baltzar represents our company on the SCAE Board.



SCAE - Specialty Coffee Association of Europe Finnish Chapter association activities and Finnish coffee industry championship competitions.