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Brazil Gabriel De Carvalho Dias

Smooth, Caramel, Dark Chocolate


Farm: Fazenda Cachoeira de Grama

Region: Vale da Grama Sao Paulo

Process: Natural 

Altitude: 1250m

Variety: Yellow Bourbon


Farm History


Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama has been in the Carvalho Dias family since 1890.
Gabriel de Carvalho Dias, son of the owner, Lindolpho de Carvalho Dias, was responsible for the property management, until 2016, when Bourbon took the administration of the farm (Gabriel is one of the directors of BSC).
The company is currently in charge of everything and using it as Bourbon's
processing center and also field of research and development regarding variety, picking, processing, drying with 100% focus on quality and how it can be improved, with the goal to become a reference on it.

It is located 3 miles from Minas Gerais state line and has characteristics from the
mountainous areas of Mogiana and from Sul de Minas.

On this farm everything is done manually, which includes coffee plantation handling and harvest, since its topography does not allow any kind of mechanization. Social and environmental sustainability is considered very important in the farm management. Lindolpho de Carvalho Dias developed a program of planting native species to keep a better ecological balance. The farm has a school, a club and an official size soccer field for the employees benefit.
There are 47 houses for the employees and their families, all with modern facilities. The wastewater is treated to avoid polluting the stream that runs across the farm. The altitude is between 1,100 and 1,250 meters and the precipitation is between 1,800 and 2,000mm per year with an average temperature of 19oC. Ideal conditions for coffee. The farm still produces the Bourbon coffee variety, famous for their exceptional quality.


Coffee is picked manually with a cloth on the ground avoiding the bean to have
direct contact with the land. Coffee processing is done quickly to avoid any kind of
fermentation, it is transferred directly from the field to the wet mill where the green and mature beans are separated from the dry ones. Following, the dry beans go to the patio to be dried and the mature are pulped and separated from the green. The pulped coffee is dried on suspended beds and covered patios until the bean reaches 20% of moisture. The next step is to use the mechanical dryers to reduce the moisture to 11%. After the lots are deposited in a warehouse with controlled level of moisture and free from odors which could damage the coffee.
Coffee produced at Cachoeira da Grama Farm is a result of dedication and care
during all the phases of coffee production since the selection of seedlings, plantation until harvest and processing. After harvest the beans receive the maximum of attention possible not to lose any of its characteristics and quality in the drink which the region is known for. Lindolpho de Carvalho Dias is one of the finalists at Brazil’s Cup of Excellence in 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2005.


Brazil Gabriel De Carvalho Dias

200 Grams
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